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Fire Fountain

 - Parts List - 

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Here is a list of parts I used. I linked to all the products on Amazon, but you don't have to get them there. I got almost everything from the local hardware store, so the final cost was much cheaper. The only thing you need to order online is the propane regulator (if you are using small tanks), and the 3/32 brass tubes. You should probably buy the pump online, thats just one of those things that retail stores always overcharge on.



For the Fountain head:

-6" long 1/2 diameter PVC pipe. Threaded on both ends.

-90 degree barb fitting

-5/16 stainless steel washer

-3/32 brass tube

-1/4in brass barb



-620 G.P.H.+ Take your pick from one of these. The height of the fountain is a function of the pump output and the nozzle size. If you get a bigger pump you can get a larger waster size for a fatter column of water or a skinny nozzle for a higher column of water. 


-Propane tank

-1/4in tube for propane

-1/2in hose for water

-propane tank adaptor

-lots of hot glue

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